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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. good morning. welcome back. the bottom line, at the top of the morning, it is fog here, the rain is coming down on us. that is a shot from the harvard camera? it is not near pie. >> we are here for the first morning in traffic. damp morning, shaping up and the people are showing that later. on the radar, he with have the rain concentrated on the within
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of the area. >> with you from the west side, up to 29, we will have more on this, over tornado clum clum, we have effieer rain. thunder and light nipping in the city, but we will see in lear. 59 object the shore and and 52 in oak land. we will be warm, but hock for us about twses. child with rain and drizzle, then it will have things come inning in a few minutes. how about traffic? >> plenty of that rain and fog on the cameras.
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a new accident, slowing from 795 to 95. a lock at 29 at 102. that is in and out for now. remember, for the traffic information, log on. back to you. >> thank you, breaking news, a ross the strait, issued in foam goam county, an 11 year old has -- issued in montgomery county, now the 11-year-old has not been seen since the 17th.
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his mother car is missing. if you have information, call 911 immediately. here is more on that foiled plot to assassinate the a nays saying of the government from iran. they charged with the float to say that they are con spoird with the mocks next drug cartel to kill the am base for. >> this is a violation of us u
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and the lock-tanning sponsor ship of 4áeus histroke terrorist. >> i think that we all need to be alert, it is always dangerous. in this report, those informed to the expect, andy an message. this will all continue by for the milds of news. the city manager is in kerr
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just condition after being bit enboy a pace ball ball. he h's sheer with us injuries. 67 l # had. a person that got sick fromly john air's has died in the past. this is lowsd in the piing be, no now the art, over near the opera house, a plate we lovedd .... she game back to organizations around the city.
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>> they as calls daring. >> she have months of health problems. >> as beautiful on the outside and as -- but then the mess age that she had passed. her record was broke by lucy ball on the number of television shows to appear. she started to work on many boards and conaturing 3.5 million to the opera house. this will help finish up with the rennovations. >> she said if their name was
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on this, it should be small. >> you don't need your name on anything, you give because you want to reporter: in other location attentions -- locations where she served -- she is served by her husband, art and don and david, her sons, and six grandchildren. the man said to have sold some art work and now he can sell them. he needed to money to pay for legal defense. he pled not guilty to the theft charge. here is more on what will be a new area code for this area. in a few months, the two numbers now will not be available. 667 will be introduced in march
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and add about eight million new numbers. the numbers now with any area code will not be effected in any way. for the first time, cell phones are out numbering people living in the united states. a trade group said there are over 120 million used in this country today. a look at the next race. >> you can see the speed, the noise, i love the. >> this is fantastic!
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when dan caw patrick went around, she waved at me. >> they will do it again next labor day weekend. this is the city where they run the grand prix. >> we needed major league baseball to cooperate and they asked for us to have it there on labor day next week. >> 150,000 people went to the race and this restaurant said it was an advantage -- it is not a time we look forward to downtown in the business, but we lockd forward to this. >> it was a flop for some though. this family is hoping for a change next we're year. >> i don't think in the future, that they will see it that way. >> for the impact on baltimore to be effected later in the
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month, the mayor said that the repairs could make it necessary for the one-time effort and the disruption shut nod be as severe leading up to the race. a packed playoff schedule, looking to advance to the world series. and here is the cardinals with an early lead, they never lost the lead and they beat the brewers four-three and they will need two more games to advance to the world series. today is the one-year anniversary, we sat at our televisions, watching the chilie miners coming back up,
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he was brought to fresh air and free come, one person at a time. hard to believe. >> so much talk about them selling their store row and each would be taken care of, but i have not heard much of that, maybe some late night talk shough shows. >> sometimes something will happen about someone having emotional problems for him. >> i am sure there will be a pk -- it will have to be a book written by committee. >> right! rain will be moving in early and seeing from later on, the temperatures down around 60. >>troke 74 tomorrow with showers.
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the weekend is looking good. a look at the guitars. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> we are doing great! >> we are in studio j this morning. we have some things of value here. these cars will be auctioned off one night, one cause, more on that and it is all for the benefit of the john's hopkins santa year center. how to get tickets when we continue coming up after this -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. on the western enof the vowing area, from the western side of columbia, up to west minister, we will see the clearing. temperatures will go up, here is a look at the dew point -- -- the winds from the east and northeast, some coastal flood advisories. another add voice reuntil about midnight tonight. believe up on the western shores, about a foot and a half
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with the normal high understood stage and that could cause the low-level flooding. the mud that is moving out, tragedying the bole edge, another slow-moving inside tonight and tomorrow. that will move out and between the two, the sun will help warm us up, after the second low will move out, we will see the breeze. sun will set at 6:30 and a look for tomorrow, high of 74 with rain, up more 80 for monday and near 80 on tuesday. >> thank you. the first branch express way, here is a lock from traffic control. >> this is still there, ten north bound at the beltway, an accident there. nothing else major, just the rain and fog on the roads and
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some dough lays on the west side. that is on the loop, 13 minutes is the trive time. that is 29, running smoothly there. there is a look at 175. that is south of the beltway. thank you, ron smith is here, the local legend, from maryland. >> i like that, very much. we are live inside studio a. we have some value able stuff here. this is a great event, we are happy to promote every year, it is one night and one show, one cause, it is sunday night in downtown baltimore at sound taj
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paul reed smith. it is great to see you. it is our pleasure. what about sun sup night -- when, where and what? >> this will be sunday night, downtown baltimore, get home boy 10:00 and bring all ages and we will have the feared cal horizon playing and then the new artist, playing all over the the world. more great mucisians. this will be be a packed event and as the musical event, i think it is something to come to $0 every year and be in an he lek trick
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environmenttrokement, it is great to have people come to baltimore. we think we were set out to do this and to have a community of volunteer behind him, for the patients here at hop kins, it is a remarkable achievement for us. come see what this is about. it is more than the call for guitars, it is taking care of people in a certain time of their lives. >> coming in, stopping and staring.
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-- this is richard pelt e. >> we have a raven's guitar, one thing to be auctiond off. we will give get cars away. not just one, many quit tars. >> this star has been audio 2k3r56d. -- autographd. -- people can get tickets how? >> at the door the web site. coming out sunday night, check it out. cool. >> i am, too. from studio j, back to you. have a good one. >> a beautiful day. i am a face unclogger.
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i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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. a look at the top of the leader board -- . if you want to play, this is the place to go.
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the ravens are favorites to beat the texans. we will have that right here on 13. next up, right here, on the news, more on the woman that dedicated to give back to the community. more on the life and death. more on the traffic control, significant dough lays, on the west sid, looking at the speeds up there, or expand it to tim -- the first part of the day, clearing and sunshine before it is all done. in the high of the storm, not just for television, but in the name of science, coming up, we will talk to a live storm
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chaser. the morning news will continue in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back. a damp morning, the rain is moving pretty much from the southwest to northeast, a trailing edge of a bigger system, it was about half an inch of rain since yesterday afternoon or so, that is when it started, about 4:00 yesterday at our news time. up to 270 and over to 29. we are seeing that concentrated for now. temperatures in the 60s, a mild morning, but it is damp.
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up to 75 today, warm with the thunderstorm around, mainly in the afternoon. the updated forecast in moment. >> thank you. if you are about to get in with the get up and go, here is a look from traffic control -- it is getting busier, two accidents working, on ten north bound at the beltway. that is on the ramp to the inside loop to the beltway. causing a flight delay. watch for a second and you will see the areas with delays. there is the look at the topside live. this is the west side delay, a lot of brake lights. on the outside loop, visit your toyota leader thinks now is the best time to do that.
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starting this half hour with breaking news, that amber alert still in effect. the police found a 51-year-old woman that was found in her home with trauma to her body. they are looking for her 11- year-old son and she don't know where he could be. he could be traveling with someone in his mother's honda. if you have any information, call 911. in california, unanswered questions, a man walked into a crowded hair salon and shot his ex arrive and tried to kill everybody else. the police worked through the night to dig for flews for
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the scene of the orange county deadliest 4509ing preever. >> nothing has ever happen like this, i had not heard of robberies. >> in a 42 year old walked into that air salon and opened unfive only nine people. every station was occupied. the shooter was found half a mile away. they are hock for a motive, but the suspect and his ex-wife that worked there were in a bitter custody battle over their son. he told her he could too this.
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>> they said that he had on body armor and just pulled it back. this morning, eight are dead, one is critical. another homicide in the last few years before yesterday. a bomb share where the doctor of conrad murry is on trial. they will drop the argument he drank this on his own. experts testifyd swail hoeing the drug would not kill a person. what does it mean to give? the time and being remembered this morning as the woman that carried. here is a live look. >> good morgue. there is a good reason his name
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is on the opera house with her husband, they helped to keep it going. she lied at aim $0, following hundreds of health problems. >> she was as beautiful on the outs and at the was on the inside? she was a successful act press, being part of self types of shampoo and conditioner. >> this is my boss. moving to her husband to buy the mission. serving on norths.
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>> that $3.5 was enough, probably getting there for the renovation. she said make it small if you want your name on there. you do it because you want to. >> pat said he met her in a restaurant years pk and he never looked back. >> she died with a hospice that she supported and gave donations to. a partner of a woman that drowned in aruba, the investigation is into what caused the crash in houston morning. >> it is so cold that the under wear bomber surprised the ones
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hooking for his thinkings -- blp -- black berry users around the world have their's back up and running from around the world. that would be like having this in the united states. and crucial link in the infrastructure failed, toe did the back up. >> in sports, looking to continue their winning ways. here is mark tw a preview. >> the morning. ful reporter: the ravens are feeling pretty good, resting sard boats and minds. and after getting to see his
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younger members of the investigate, now this its important. ,. >> it was good to get away from. the time to rest and heal is appreciated. it is long, in a car crash, we know what we will need to did. >> for the minors of the woke i came back fanned i felt pretty em. bodies rested, minds at ease. >> it is a long own. it was a way to relax and and
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that is the reason i think when you node to get awake, just get away and last. mp -- two raiives did not practice yesterday, jimmy smith and chris carr both out with injuries -- don't miss them getting serious. this is sunday afternoon right mere. >> i thought dent you would cross our out your face. >> there are just now 73 shopping days left until christmas. >> you l to remind!
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(laughs). rockets performing around the country and for us, also. >> are they tack go lovers and the breaks? i believetroke this. we tonight want to think about christmas yet, i'm not any way. the 63 in marshall. i got a message, what will we get from our viewer and the tiers reign of twowls. the temperatures are up.
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enjoining s summer forecast -- -- -- we have more coming up. the "lion king "will be coming to town. all this week, click on our contest section for audio chance -- ,,,,,,,,
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. the rain over the viewing area, in the metro, there is the line, the trailing edge of a bigger low-pressure system that moved into the area yesterday afternoon and now that is moving up into the northeast. what we have is the end of this. it will move in over the next
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hour or so. the temperatures, then the dew point, 100% humidity and the visibility with the fog and mist and clouds, limitingtroked this morning. -- limited this morning. we will be from 56 in oak land to 66 at the river, everybody in that range. the winds will be coming in and create a bit of a culture flood concern, the water is building up on that west edge, the flood add voice reuntil midnight tonight, expect the tides to p a foot to foot and a half of normal altroke. then we will be gusting, the
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winds will pick up saturday and then cooling down and drying out nicely. a nice weekend for anything you plan to do outside. on the bay, five to 10 knots. the temperatures, that should porn off soon, the rain and drizzle and 74 tomorrow. drying out on saturday and sunday, 75 on tuesday. >> thank you, the rain in the rush, a look at traffic -- >> that means it is a busy morning. a new accident on the beltway, that is the second accident, working on 10 at the beltway. mocking at the heft loop and the third crash, there is a lock at the speeds on the pelt
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way. there is a live lock at that delay. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota, test drive the all new cameratroke -- camer re. we have more from the storm chaser in the satellite speaker view furnitured by discovery. >> welcome to the storm chaser portion of this show. >> i'm sure he is a meteorologist and i'm sure he would trade places with you on any given day. >> yes, but every tornado was
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an e-f or four in. >> i would think that you are being as careful as possible? >> we designed a vehicle that has bullet prove armor and will keep us safe inside and we tested that on these with the $7.46 and it did not go airborne. we had it up in a came beer the april #th out break in the seat, i had could make our car go airborne. to bring people into the loop, up with of the worst out breaks about 200 tornadoes reported -- where were you and how did you decide where to foe
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to chase these? >> we chase from mississippi to memalabama and we saw the biggest wound go down near the nays weather services, these tornadoes are moving quickly and people listened to the morning lead time they could get. on the pewters. >> that morning. it was all there to maximum out and it was helpless to view, but you knew there would be up to a 100 tornadoes and fatalities no one wants to wall out. >> do you any too you many times. have you ever gotten there and it was cancelled.
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>> we drove all over the country, you about on the 77 area, this is something unbries incident itself will. >> another question for me. why do you do this? >> why do you chase storms? p . i have loved whrr since i was $5. i have really not much of a life outside of being a storm chaser. i'm interested in the science. it is a last mystery in how throng the winds will get.
6:52 am
i wantd to get our vehicle up close enough to see the cat taw and perhaps build sombertroke better instructors. >> many people these days are taking pictures with their spart blown. you would take them not to try this at home? >> the tornadoes are tedly and you could pk a victim from the tornadoes. pea want to get into storm shirting action but i would say, watch on the left overs and what you eat.
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more on this and you have my within. glp -- -- a break, an update in traffic and more from traffic control. [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time
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. a damp start to the take, 5eu, some showers, out there, on live doppler, pretty much telling the story, about 75, start inning the 60s, looking at the fog out there and then as we look at the weekend, we will see the cheering out,
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looking for 74 and 78 and 75 for monday and tuesday toc. -- traffic ole? >> another accident on a major road, the latest one on the day. there is one on ten north bound that is blocking a left lane. here is a lock at the peeds on the wealth way. there is a live look. this is wrought to you with benefit the number. an 11 year ole -- an 11- year-old is missing and there
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is an amber ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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